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For color prints of this fine fish and other natural wonders of the Gulf Coast , please visit .  Tosh caught this fine goo-monster while dredging near a sewer outflow with my new greenie-meanie turd fly.


Gafftopsail Catfish

Gafftop     The Gafftopsail (Bagre marinus) is recognized by it's greatly elongated dorsal spine, it's 2 chin barbels, and the long flattened barbel at the corners of it's mouth. They spawn in the spring and the fertilized eggs are carried in the mouth of the male until they hatch and the fry can feed on their own. During this time the male will not eat.

    The dorsal and pectoral fins are supported by sharp spines, and as such, should be handled with the same caution used in handling Hardheads. His spines are covered with a toxic slime also.

    They are primarily a bottom feeder and the best baits are shrimp, small crabs, and small fish. They are commonly caught from piers and jetties.